“Spooks” and “House of Saddam” “The Sinking of the Laconia”

Leah International:

“The Promise for Channel 4 and Hannah”

Turquoise Branding:

“King Faisal in Kentucky”

Circle Creative:

“Holiday Park”


Aviva Premiership Promo

Blink Productions:

“Converse Branded Video”

Stan’s Café:

Cardinals Promoter

WRG Creative Communications Ltd:

“The Choir”

McCann Erickson:

“X Box Kinect”


TV DR FIKTION Episode “The Castle”

Goldcrest Studios:

“The Borgias”

Perform Progressive Sports Media:

Premiership Internet Presenters

The Bionic Group Pinewood:


Steps Drama:

“Learning Development Diversity Training Video”

The Edge Picture Company:

“Glorius Past Bright Future”

Shoot the Company:

Hays Recruitment “Flash Game”

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Genuine Casting is a full-service talent agency with a track record in casting talented performers and presenters for commercials, film, theatre, and television.

Building on ten years of success supplying authentic ethnic actors for film, television, and theatre to the industry, we’ve been busy hand-picking performers from a wide range of backgrounds and have discovered a treasure trove of talented artists. From voice over experts to presenters, our artists offer a wide variety of skills and abilities, and are guaranteed to deliver every time.

Genuine Casting, genuine talent.